Posterizing your Photograph mini-course

The Secrets to Effectively bringing out the Light and Shadow in a Photograph

Course Summary

 Understanding shading and Values is key to converting a family photo into a unique and lasting fabric portrait.

Bringing you those values in your photograph helps you to see what shapes would form the face.

This mini-workshop will show you several different methods for posterizing your photograph. An important fist step in creating a fabric portrait.

Course Curriculum

Valerie Wilson

As your coach and instructor, I'll work together with you to tackle any challenges.

You can check in daily with any questions, and every two weeks we'll get together on a Live call. 

I've been creating fabric portraits since 2006 and helping people just like you learn this amazing technique.

Judy Kay Cowan


I reviewed your tutorial and loved it! Love your website and your work.

Shelley Murrell


I just finished the first video included with the first lesson in posterizing, it was fantastic! I have learned so much. I am familiarizing myself with Photoshop Elements and appreciate the tricks you shared.

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  • Posterizing your Photograph
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