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Facial Expressions course

Create a realistic fabric portrait even if you don't know how to draw.
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This workshop will help you create a realistic fabric portrait that you will be happy to hang on your wall or give as a gift. Learn all the steps of creating your own personalized fabric portrait with lots of support and encouragement.

Love the idea of creating a memento of (or for) a special person in your life?

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to be able to create a fabric portrait. One you would be proud to display on your wall or give to a special someone to honour a memory.

Gain the skills to be able to choose a favourite photo and recreate it in a realistic portrait.

Discover how to capture the character of a loved one in fabric. Find out the secrets of how to go from photo to finished portrait.

Get this proven method so you can create your family heirloom! 

Find out how to:

  • Choose an appropriate photo so that you don't have to struggle when creating a fabric portrait. 
  • Develop a pattern from your photo so that you have a plan for creating your portrait.  
  • Learn this skill for your portrait and then use it with other photos. 
  • Use values effectively in a portrait so that the value placement creates form and realism. A clear understanding of value is essential to creating a dynamic fabric portrait. 
  • Select appropriate fabrics so that fabric selection is stress-free. 
  • Place the chosen fabrics so that you create depth and realism.  
  • Add detail with thread to bring your portrait to life. 
  • Quilt your portrait in such a way that you add further dimension and your personal touch. 

All from the comfort of your own home with the bonus of a friendly support group.

Valerie Wilson

Looking closely at Valerie’s work you will see small pieces of fabric blended together with stitching to create the appearance of a painting. Her series of portraits based on vintage photographs reflect a combination of a love of history, and curiosity about people, to capture character in fabric. Valerie has been creating portraits in fabric since 2006.

Valerie’s award-winning work has been exhibited across Canada, and internationally. She is the Membership Coordinator for the Fibre Art Network, and a Juried Artist Member of SAQA.

Lee Foster


Three specific features that I enjoyed about this course were:
- the Live sessions
- the ability to see others work and
- to hear how they overcame some of the issues they were having.
I would recommend this course because you get to work at your own speed. You have access to a great instructor and you end up with a finished project that you can be proud of. It doesn't end up being a UFO that sits unfinished for whatever reason!

Margaret Burger


The videos in the course are a great help to explain the methodology and the PDF files helped when I just wanted to look up some small thing. So you read the files and watch the videos and start!
I would recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about fabric and art. It put me on another level.
It helped me to realize that I can be an artist.

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