Smiles and Pearly Whites

A mini-course designed for those who want to create realistic mouths (and teeth) in a fabric portrait.

Have you been wanting to improve the look of the mouths and/or teeth in your fabric portraits?

Or do you avoid choosing a photo where the person has their mouth open?

Learn this simple method for creating the mouth and teeth accurately
so that they look like the person in your photo!

  • Get the secrets to avoiding a distorted mouth in your portrait.
  • Learn how to look carefully at the mouths and teeth - their shape and alignment, a critical skill for a realistic portrait.
  • Discover how the mouth shape changes as a person's head position changes and whether the person is smiling or has their mouth closed.
  • See how the careful placement of the different values of fabric creates the shape of the mouth and teeth.
  • Learn how detail is added with thread and coloured pencil.

Valerie Wilson

As your coach and instructor, I'll work together with you to tackle any challenges.

You can check in daily with any questions, and every two weeks we'll get together on a Live call. 

I've been creating fabric portraits since 2006 and helping people just like you learn this amazing technique.

Karen Hvid


Thank you Valerie for the videos and notes which are very helpful to me. I will look closely at the mouth lines and especially the note on the rounding of the teeth is a great help for me. So I appreciate it!

Annette Young


Great lessons. Thank you!!

Margaret Burger


Thank you for the video on the mouth and lips, it's going to help me when I do the next one. The notes are also good.

This course focuses on the mouth area only and does not go into how to create a portrait in fabric.

For the full fabric portraits course, click here.

Course Pricing

  • Smiles and Pearly Whites - Focus on the Mouth
  • $39 CAD

    This course was designed for those who want to learn more about creating the mouth and teeth in a fabric portrait.

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  • Learn to observe mouths and teeth like an artist.
  • Tips and tricks to be sure that you have the mouth (and teeth) right.
  • Learn how to place the fabrics for maximum effect.
  • A simple method for stitching the teeth so that they look realistic.
  • Video and detailed notes included.
  • Lifetime access to the materials.